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Sorry for getting your hopes up with the last post, but it seems that there are too many obstacles for that to be feasible. Alas, no sale of Patterns of Fashion 4 to help a non-profit. Leave it on your wish list or acquire it as you had planned originally.

The thing is that the embroidered jacket project is closer to completion than most of the Plimoth Plantation staff and volunteers had ever imagined. And now they turn their thoughts to the display and exhibition. But for the exhibition to be done right they need funding for the last remaining supplies, a good high quality mannequin to display the jacket on, a petticoat to make the picture more complete, a proper case, as well as high quality reproductions of the relevant paintings, text and pictures of the original jacket. Remember that it is also in the display that they plan to use the samples returned for a closer show and tell to further engage visitors. There are also rough plans for the exhibit to travel, when it can, so it can be seen farther and wider than Plymouth, MA.

If/when they announce any fund-raising efforts, I will be sure to cross-post that information here. I believe they still have sample embroidery and lace kits available for sale, which will contribute a tax-deductible $20 directly to this project, just in case you had been holding off purchasing those for any reason. I've also got my hamster wheel spinning on any ideas we can do on a local level, and if those come to fruition, I'll announce that here as well. Or, if you are inclined to just give directly to Plimoth Plantation for this project, they have support information up on their webpage, as well as a direct link to donate online.

PS: for those who have stuff or business connections but not cash, they also have a wish list of stuff they need. Requests range from laptops to folding chairs, a Kitchen-Aid mixer to wool yarn. There can be the challenge of shipping/delivery, but even your stuff can be useful. Heck, if there is a truck load I could possibly make the drive up for a change...

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