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Today was a bit tough, and certainly cemented my plan for the evening. Sitting through an afternoon meeting with a killer headache (despite Excedrin) was not fun.

So this evening I had a hair appointment for 5pm, but since I was running late leaving the office, I called to let them know I wasn't going to be on time, so I got my appointment switched to 7pm. This way I got to come home, chill with the Bug on the patio, ice my brain, and then mosey on to my later appointment time. I got my hair washed, cut and styled, and then I went shoe shopping at DSW (picking up a cute pair of sandals and a shiny pair of flats), treat shopping at PetSmart, picked up Lamb Pasanda from Akbar's Indian Restaurant, and came home to eat yummy food and watch Project Runway. A tough day deserves an evening of some pampering, right?

Before (this morning)

And After

I've been really tired of pulling back my hair in the heat and with walking the dog. I've been having headaches with the TMJ more so lately, which means even more that I want the hair off the back of my neck. But pulling back my hair in a ponytail or bun has only worsened the headaches pulling at my temples. So I give up. I liked the bob when I got it last Fall but was hoping to continue with my trend of growing back out the hair to donate to Locks of Love. But I just can't, not right now anyway, so back to short it is. Hooray for bare neck.
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