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I want to do a post on this, so I'm setting this up as a reminder with links to maybe provide speculation.
Racism Is Not Crafty by Alexis L. of OneGrandHome
Responding to Knitta Please with Words and Actions also by Alexis L.
The Elephant in the Room on RiffeRaff
Stake in the Ground from Crafted Life

Essentially when I first stumbled upon Knitta, Please I liked the concept, and found the name clever. I don't think I grokked the character names as spoofs of rapper names. But I only saw it from my side. I never thought how this would be see by other eyes. Some see the name as racist, some see it as clever, some think it is appropriation and some think folks are making a mountain out of a molehill. Lots of thoughts are spinning through my head, but the main thing is that while we have freedom of speech, we should consider how those words are received by all people.

If you have the time to read the first link and the comments associated (ignoring the obvious trolling ones) it might open your eyes a bit.
Does the name of the group Knitta, Please remove the power of the N word or is it casually racist and inappropriate?
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