pinkleader (pinkleader) wrote,

With Cunning Needle

I uploaded and annotated my pictures from the With Cunning Needle exhibit currently on display at Winterthur. I wish I had gotten better ones of the sweet bag and knife sheath, but I also wish they didn't have the tag for the bag hanging down over the embroidery. You can see the entire set of pictures on Flickr, but here are some of my favorites:

The Coif from the Plimoth project
winterthur 004

Box and tools for transferring designs for embroidery from the 1890s
winterthur 007

American Silks
winterthur 014

1600-1630 Sweet bag and knife sheath
winterthur 062 winterthur 029

Early 18th Cent Darning sampler
winterthur 038

Mid 18th cent embroidered garters
winterthur 053

Definitely worth a visit if you can manage it.
Tags: museum, pictures, plimoth
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