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Winterthur in Fall

So much to see, and so much to do, but I did manage to squeeze in 45 minutes to run around the Enchanted Woods, and poke around a lovely glade/grotto with a series of koi ponds and waterfalls. So lovely in the Fall colors. You can see that set of pictures on Flickr.

But here are some of my favorites:

Peeking at the Faerie Cottage across the Gathering Green
winterthur 148

The Green Man peeking out of his Lair
winterthur 110

The Tulip Tree House
winterthur 133

A Squirrel's Eye View from inside the Tulip Treehouse
winterthur 141

A Secret Grotto
winterthur 164

And a fitting portion of the Fairy Flower Labyrinth
winterthur 154
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