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Hallowe'en weekend

Had quite the Halloween weekend. Friday night was dinner at Sabatino's and then dancing out at Club Orpheus with attack_laurel and lisettelaroux. The plan was to go Steam Punk, but my skirt plan fell flat so I improvised.

We had a blast and danced our feet sore. Hooray!

Then Saturday night we went to the Limerick Pub in Wheaton for dinner, drinks, music and a costume contest. Brendan, Rico & Neil were playing a combination of guitar, bass guitar, mandolin, fiddle and a variety of penny whistles and much of the Clancy Brothers soundtrack. There were even some little Irish dancing girls in pumpkin t-shirts that got up to dance. All and all an entertaining evening.
attack_laurel and her angelic cleavage did her steam punk thing again.

Alan wore his Al's Grave Digging Service shirt and then was attacked by glow sticks.

Considering we went to an Irish pub I decided to dress as a (silent) banshee.

Sunday was mostly shooting in the morning at the range, lunch at DuClaw, and looking at silly hats in the mall with Jimmy, Katie, us and the Morgensterns. Using a fun zombie target for practice also means door decoration to greet Trick-or-Treaters on Halloween.

Today was decorating the front stoop and carving pumpkins. I like using the little pumpkins for jack-o-lanterns as they are neater and cute. So, this year I carved a pup-o-lantern and a skully-o-lantern.

Which I think turned out rather adorably.

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