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Slide List: Tracing Needlework Patterns

From Old London to New London: Tracing Needlework Patterns and Skills in Early America
Susan P. Schoelwer, Curator, George Washington’s Mount Vernon
Winterthur Needlework Conference, October 2011

Slide List:
  1. Decorated bed rug, signed “NL”, unidentified maker, attrib. to Lebanon, Connecticut, dated 1796, Metropolitan Museum of Art (MMA) 33.122, online
  2. Decorated bed rug, signed “EF”, for Elizabeth Foote, Colchester, Connecticut, undated, c. 1778, Connecticut Historical Society (CHS) 1959.56.0; Schoelwer, Connecticut Needlewor (CN), cat. 27, online
  3. Band Sampler, signed “Hannah Punderson,” prob. Preston or Norwich, Connecticut, or East Hampton or Westchester, New York, undated, c. 1776-1783. CHS 2006.81.0; Schoelwer CN cat. 27, online
  4. Canvaswork picture, “The Queen of Sheba Admiring the Wisdom of Solomon”, signed “Mary Williams”, Lebanon, Conencticut, dated 1744. National Museum of American History 182022, online
  5. Canvaswork picture, untitled, signed “Christian Williams”, Lebanon, Connecticut, dated 1751. Winterthur Museum (WM) 65.3080, Schoelwer CN, fig. 9.1
  6. Ripley family arms, signed “LR”, for Lucy Ripley, attrib. to Patten family school, Hartford, Connecticut, undated, c. 1804. CHS 1939.8.1; Schoelwer CN, cat 42, online
  7. Map of Connecticut in 1755, after Thomas Jefferys, CHS
  8. White undecorated bed rug, signed “IC”, unidentified maker, prob. British American colonies, dated 1768. WM 1957.24
  9. Green undecorated bed rug, undated, 18th century, WM
  10. Decorated bed rug, signed “PM”, for Philena McCall, Lebanon, Connecticut, dated 1802. Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, Hartford. Safford and Bishop, America’s Quilts and Coverlets (AQC), fig. 13
  11. Decorated bed rug, unsigned, attrib. to Eunice Williams Metcalf, Lebanon, Connecticut, undated, c. 1796-1802, Museum of Fine Arts Boston (BMFA) 1980.447, online
  12. Decorated bed rug, signed “LL”, for Lucy Lathrop, Lebanon, Connecticut, dated 1804. Private collection; Skinner Auctions, sale # 2242, 06/06/2004, lot 85
  13. Decorated bed rug (fragment), signed “HH”, unidentified maker, attrib. to southeastern Connecticut, dated 1770. CHS 2001.77.0; Schoelwer CN, cat 19, online
  14. Embroidered cover (detail), unsigned, unidentified maker, England, early 17th c. BMFA 38.1082; Schoelwer CN, fig 19.1, online
  15. Embroidered woman’s jacket (overall and detail), unsigned, unidentified maker England, undated, c. 1616. MMA 23.170.1, online
  16. Decorated bed rug, signed “Mary Foot”, Colchester, Connecticut, dated 1778. WM; Swan, Plain and Fancy, pl 30
  17. Decorated bed rug, unsigned, possibly Sarah Otis, Colchester, Connecticut, undated, c. 1778. Historic Deerfield (HD) F.096, online
  18. Decorated bed rug, possibly Hannah Otis, Colchester, Connecticut, undated, c. 1778. Private collection; Schoelwer CN, fig 27.2
  19. Blackwork embroidery panel (detail), England, c. 1590. Location unknown; Christies London, sale # 9225, 06/14/2001
  20. Portrait of Mary Cornwallis, Countess of Bath, attrib to George Gower, England, c. 1585-1587. Manchester City Art Galleries, 1953.112, online
  21. Design for carnation, embroidery pattern book (detail), Nuremburg, 1676
  22. Design for carnation in rondel (detail), from Richard Shorleyker, A Schole House for the Needle (London, 1632), from Ring, Needlework: Historical Survey, p.15
  23. Decorated bed rug, unsigned, unidentified maker, prob. Lebanon, Connecticut, undated, c. 1796-1804. American Folk Art Museum 1995.32.2, online
  24. Embroidery patterns, from Thomas Trevelyon, “Commonplace Book”, England, c. 1608. Folger Shakespeare Library MSv.b232, f. 226v, online
  25. Printed wallpaper, England, c. 1680. Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A) E.1003-1976, online
  26. Tin-glazed plate, owned by Esther Williams Meacham, Deerfield, Massachusetts, and Coventry, Connecticut, c. 1715. Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association 1954.18, online
  27. Sunflower chest with drawers, attrib. to Wethersfield, Connecticut, c. 1675-1725; history of ownership in Foote family. Location unknown; Christies NY, sale #2414, 01/21/2011, lot 64
  28. Embroidered panel, unsigned, attrib. to Elizabeth Gore Gager, prob. England, c. 1637-1643. CHS 2003.8.1a,b; Schoelwer CN, cat 1, online
  29. Portrait, Martha Coit Hubbard Greene, by John Singleton Copley, c. 1758, Courtesy Dietrich American Foundation; Schoelwer CN, fig. 1.2
  30. Portrait, Elizabeth Murray Smith, by John Singleton Copley, 1769. BMFA 42.463, online
  31. Crewel embroidered valance, unsigned, attrib. to Prudence Geer Punderson, North Groton or Preston, Connecticut, c. 1750-1760. CHS 1962.28.2f; Schoelwer CN, cat 13A, online
  32. Canvaswork picture, untitled, signed “Elizabeth Lothrop”, Norwich, Connecticut, dated 1745. Leffingwell Inn, Society of the Founders of Norwich, Connecticut, 305; Ring, Girlhood Embroidery (GE), fig. 225
  33. Canvaswork pocketbook, marked “John Storrs”, poss. by Lydia Storrs, Mansfield, Connecticut, dated 1754. CHS 2008.46.0; Schoelwer CN, cat. 9, online
  34. Canvaswork picture (“fishing lady” overmantel), unsigned, attrib. to Wunics Bourne, Boston, undated, c. 1748. BMFA 21.2233, online
  35. Canvaswork picture, untitled, Shepherdess and Piper, Mary Fleet, Boston, 1745. BMFA 41.6, online
  36. Canvaswork picture, untitled, Harvest Scene, unsigned, unidentified maker, mid-18th c. BMFA 64.2059, online
  37. Canvaswork picture, untitled, Biblical scenes, unsigned, unidentified maker, England, dated 1667, MMA 64.101.1304; Morrall and Watt, ‘Twixt Art and Nature (TAN), cat. 25, online
  38. Canvaswork panel, untitled, unsigned, unidentified maker, England, mid-17th c. MMA 64.101.1303; Morrall and Watt TAN, fig. 5-8, online
  39. Canvaswork panel, untitled, Biblical scenes, unsigned, unidentified maker, England, c. 1650. Location unknown, Huber website August 2011
  40. Canvaswork panel, untitled, unsigned, unidentified maker, England, 17th- c. Christies London, sale #9225, 06/14/2001
  41. Raised work picture, Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, unsigned, attrib. to Fox family, prob. England or Virginia, undated, c. 1661. CHS 1845.30.0; online
  42. Embroidered picture, The First, Second and Last Scene of Mortality, signed “Prudence Punderson”, Preston or Norwich, Connecticut , or East Hampton or Westchester, New York, undated, c. 1776-1783. CHS 1962.28.4; Schoelwer CN, cat. 26, online
  43. Band sampler, signed “ER”, for Elizabeth Roberts, England, untitled, mid-17th c. BMFA 49.1064, online
  44. Band sampler, signed “Mary Hollingsworth”, Salem, Massachusetts, undated, c. 1675. Peabody Essex Museum, 4234.39
  45. Sampler, signed “Nabby Fitch”, for Abigail Fitch, Norwich, Connecticut, dated 1766. Private collection; Ring GE, fig. 228
  46. Sampler, signed Eliza Shipman, Norwich, Connecticut, dated 1769. Location unknown; Finkel archive.
  47. Sampler, signed “Hannah E. Lord”, Norwich, dated 1770. Lyman Allyn Museum, New London, Connecticut (LAM) 33.33; Ring GE, fig. 231
  48. Sampler, signed “Alice Mather”, Norwich, Connecticut, dated 1774, Private collection; Ring GE, fig. 230
  49. Sampler, signed “Elizabeth Moore Huntington”, Norwich, Connecticut, dated 1787, Private collection, Huber, With Needle and Brush (N&B), pl. 3
  50. Band sampler, signed “Mary Pinckney”, Boston, dated 1742. Huber website
  51. Band sampler, unfinished, signed “Abigail Gardiner”, South Kingston, Rhode Island, undated, c. 1766-1770. Denison Homestead, Mystic, Connecticut
  52. Bordered band sampler, signed “Molly Hyde”, Lebanon, Connecticut, dated 1773. Location unknown; Finkel Samplings, vol. 32, p. 13
  53. Sampler, signed “Fanny Moseley”, Westfield, Massachusetts, dated 1784. Private collection; Huber, N&B, pl. 15
  54. Sampler, signed “Lucretia Mulford”, New Haven, Connecticut, dated 1784. Location unknown; Huber Sampler Calendar, 2000, no. 11
  55. Sampler, signed “Harriet Almy”, New London, Connecticut, dated 1822. LAM 1950.99
  56. Sampler, signed “Lucretia Carew”, Norwich, Connecticut, undated, c. 1791. Slater Memorial Museum, Norwich 250.3.207; Ring GE, fig 232
  57. Sampler, unsigned, prob. Ayres family, prob. Norwich Connecticut, undated. Private collection; Huber, “Needlework by Youthful Hands”, fig. 5, online
  58. Sampler, signed “Susan L”, for Susan Lester, poss. Plainfield, Connecticut, undated. Private collection.
  59. Whitework band sampler, unsigned, attrib. to Elizabeth Roberts, London, mid-17th c. BMFA 49.1065, online
  60. Band sampler, signed “Sarah Lord”, poss. Connecticut, dated 1664. Location unknown; Bolton & Coe, pl. 3
  61. Band sampler, signed “Loara Standish”, Plymouth, Massachusetts, undated, before 1654. Pilgrim Hall Museum, Plymouth, 108; online
  62. Silk emroidered picture, “Charity”, unsigned, attrib. to Sarah Marshall, Patten family school, Hartford Connecticut, undated, c. 1806. DAR Museum, 1967.160; Huber N&B, fig 5
  63. Grant family arms, unsigned, Anne Grant, Boston, undated, 1769. HD 1391; Ring, GE, fig 70
  64. Pitkin family arms, unsigned, unfinished, attrib. to Jerusha Pitkin, Boston, undated, c. 1750. CHS 1935.10.1; Schoelwer CN, cat. 6, online
  65. Patten, Wheelock and Davenport family arms, unsigned, attrib. Ruth Patten, Jr., Hartford, Connecticut, undated, c. 1795-1800. CHS 1992.68.1; Schoelwer CH, cat. 37, online
  66. Perkins family arms, unsigned, attrib. Charlotte Whiting Perkins, Patten family school, Hartford, Connecticut, undated, c. 1810-1812. CHS 1949.5.0; Schoelwer CN, cat. 49, online
  67. Putnam family arms, watercolor on paper, attrib. to John Coles, Sr., Boston, c. 1790-1810. WM 1955.0083.004A
  68. Embroidered picture, Moses in the Bulrushes, unsigned, attrib. to Lucretia Colton, Patten family school, Hartford, Connecticut, c. 1805-1810. Location unknown; Skinner Auctions, sale #2267, 02/20/2005, lot 201
  69. Embroidered panel, Susanna and the Elders, unsigned, unidentified maker, England, c. 1660. V&A T.50-1954, online
  70. Embroidered panel, unfinished, Rebecca and Eliezer at the Well, unsigned, unidentified maker, England, c. 1650-1675. Location unknown; Cora Ginsburg catalog, 2009, p. 7
  71. Embroidered panel, design attributed to John Nelham, pattern drawer, unsigned, unidentified maker, England, c. 1650-1675. Blair Castle, Perthshire; Morrall and Watt TAN, fig. 2-13
  72. Embroidered panel, Flora, unsigned, unidentified maker, England, undated, c. 1650-1675. MMA 64.101.1326; Morrall and Watt TAN, cat. 57, online
  73. Embroidered book cover, untitled, unsigned, unidentified maker, England, undated, c. 1638. Location unknown; Christies London, sale #9225, 06/14/2001
  74. Embroidered book cover, untitled, unsigned, unidentified maker, England, undated, c. 1649. MMA 64.101.1293; Morrall and Watt TAN, cat. 26, online
  75. Sampler, signed Hannah Hartshorne, marked Ann Marsh school, Philadelphia, dated 1793. Location unknown; Freeman’s Auction, sale #1363, 04/20/2010, lot 470
  76. Embroidered picture, The Cottage Girl, Nancy Hale, Sarah Pierce’s school, Litchfield, Connecticut. CHS 1956.63.9; Schoelwer CN, cat 41, online
  77. Embroidered picture, signed “Elizabeth Van Kleeck”, marked Sketchley’s school, New York City, dated 1805. Location unknown; Ring, GE, fig. 326
  78. Spot sampler, unsigned, unidentified maker, presumed England, undated, 17th c. CHS 1986.189.0
  79. Band sampler, signed “Elizabeth LeBaron”, Plymoth Massachusetts, dated 1757. Norfolk Historical Society, Norfolk, Connecticut L149.2.65
  80. Pilgrim Hall Museum, Plymouth, Massachusetts, Online
  81. Portrait, Molly Page Stark, by Raymond Pease, Bennington Museum
  82. Decorated bed rug, signed “Molly Lothrop”, Lebanon, Connecticut, undated, prob. 1796-1804. DAR Museum, 1173; Safford and Bishop, AQC, fig. 15
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