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A Lost Cause Christmas!

Our CDs for A Lost Cause Christmas have arrived!
A Lost Cause Christmas

Lost Cause stars attack_laurel, her Bob, lisettelaroux, kpyke and his Susan, Tara and myself.
We sold around 30 copies at Holiday Faire on Saturday, which made us very happy. Currently you can contact any group member, but mainly me, for a hard copy that includes our fun package, images, and lyrics for the last track. I'll work with you to get you a copy if you want. I'll have them at Unevent as well as Twelfth Night. I'll be mailing in physical copies of the CD to CD Baby tomorrow, so they will have them in stock soon.

But if you just want the music and don't care about the packaging, CD Baby has both A Lost Cause Christmas and Lookin' for an E available for digital download and previewing portions of the songs. The first seven tracks are traditional, but the 8th track is the Pirate Medley that we prepared for a December 2005 concert. Robert Mellin wrote the extremely clever lyrics and performs as the narrator.

Obviously we're very proud of it, and hope you will enjoy it as well.
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