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Foods and Feasts at Jamestown

Over Thanksgiving we went to Jamestown Settlement to volunteer for Foods and Feasts celebration. attack_laurel puts together an impressive spread for the Governor's table each year, so I helped a bit in keeping her company and giving her a break at times.

The fine table laid with silver.
Gov's table

The table boasts: (starting in the upper left hand corner) a slightly disturbing looking pease pudding, a roast duck stuffed with apples, a gammon of bacon (ham), smoked fish, parsnips and turnips roasted in duck fat, bread with cow's milk cheese, goat's milk cheese and sheep's milk butter, English walnuts, dried strawberries and crystallized ginger, Banbury tarts and a game pie.

And I tried to capture the rigging at sunset:

It was fun and exhausting.
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