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Winterthur for Yuletide

Made a trip to Winterthur on Thursday, for a special behind the scenes tour of embroideries as well as a spin back through With Cunning Needle and a Yuletide tour. The house is very impressively decorated for the holidays, even displaying Christmas decorations and celebrations through the ages. Truly beautiful.

Alas we didn't get any pictures of the behind the scenes embroideries, nor took notes. Honestly we'd have needed twice as much time as we had if we did. But they have some lovely purses, a casket, some pin cushions, and panels. All are post period, but gorgeous!

But I did get some more pictures of the knife sheath and sweet bag:





Alas, the With Cunning Needle exhibit finishes January 8th. 2012. I'm not sure what will happen to the Plimoth Jacket after the exhibit is over. Ultimately the Boston Musuem of Fine Arts has agreed to store it, but it would be wonderful for it to travel and go on display elsewhere, or at least back in Winterthur's Textiles gallery.
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