January 8th, 2008


Plimoth Plantation Participation FAQ Links

 EDITED: links now correct to new blog system in use.

In lieu of Twelfth Night this weekend, I'm heading up to Plimoth for another embroidery session. Can't wait, it will be so much fun. cathgracehas even arranged for us to see some of the cool items in the Boston MAF collection that are not on display. w00t!

This weekend at Sandy's place I fielded a few questions regarding finding information on the Plimoth Embroiderer's Story blog, so I thought I might collect some links and put them in one place. 

-First the stitch instructions in PDF format: 
Reverse Chain Stitch

Ceylon Stitch

Detatched Buttonhole Stitch

Knot Stitch

Trellis Stitch

Spiral Trellis Stitch

Detached Buttonhole Needlelace:

-To Order a Sample Kit: contact information on how to obtain a sampler kit for the project, as well as a description of the contents. Please note, for the quickest way to get a kit, call them and give them a CC # over the phone to charge instantly instead of sending a check and waiting for a response.

-Upcoming Session Dates: For anyone wondering what future embroidery sessions are scheduled and want to plan a week or weekend to attend. This has the Winter schedule through the beginning of March. I'm not sure what the Spring or Summer will hold. Once the silk embroidery is done, the gold embroidery will happen (may be more limited participation) as well as spangle application and then construction/assembly.

-The Motifs involved:
Here is one entry and  another with some pictures and definitions of some of the design motifs on the master pattern and how the different motifs are referenced.

-Record Keeping:
A quick glimpse of the cover of the wonderful stitching station notebooks. The preparation and organization that has gone into the planning of this project is amazing. This little notebook is a best friend of any embroiderer who has come to work on the project. Everyone wants a copy to take home for themselves. With any luck they might be able to publish them.

-Interested in Knitting for Plimoth?:
Kits are available for those experienced knitters who wish to donate their time and energy towards making knit gloves and stockings for the costumed interpreters of the Plimoth 1627 Village. Here's a post on the initial dawning concept and here's one with more info.

Hope this helps!
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