January 16th, 2008


MFA Visit

Catherine, Tammy and I flew up to Providence on Wednesday night, picked up our rental car and drove to the hotel to hang out and chat a bit before snuggling into bed.

Thursday morning dawned nice and early and we got up, moving, and had yummy waffles for breakfast before getting on the road to be there close to the 10am opening of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.
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Sadly I neglected to have a good Boston map on me and the GoogleMaps directions were confusing so trying to Zen drive my way back to the hotel was a hopeless failure. First I headed one way on Massachusetts Ave only to say it feels wrong and to turn around for a very very long way back to the hotel. Sigh. Yes, I was headed the right way to begin with. But we did get to drive through some cute neighborhoods, past Harvard, Cambridge, and finally gave up to ask for directions from folks who were equally lost, to then ask a very nice homeless lady who gave me great directions (so I gave her a $5) and we got to drive past Tufts University before finally making it back to I-93 and eventually to our hotel. At least we were sitting down for the drive. And then, I had to choose what I hoped would be the quieter of two restaurants only to choose the one with good food and really really bad karaoke. 
I.... did it MYyyyy waaaaayyyyy......  and we really wish he hadn't.

The ultimate lesson is; wear comfy shoes to museums, take a good map when driving in unfamiliar territory, if you do venture forth without a map-happily enjoy the view, don't let Gen pick the restaurant, and contact the museum well in advance to see the hidden collections items because it is truly worth it.