January 17th, 2008


snow shoes

Hooray! It is snowing. (and not canceling my last day of embroidery...) It is so pretty outside, when I steal a peek out of someone else's office window, that I just want to go outside and frolic in it for a bit before heading inside to change into dry clothes and sip hot chocolate and snuggle down with a good book and some snow cream or something... sigh, but alas, we are still at work. I'd really rather be home combing my notes on the MFA goods we got to see and writing them up for posterity.

But, at least I can share shoes. SHOES! The Walk This Way exhibit was fabulous, and since they were on display in areas that didn't have photography restrictions, I've uploaded them to my flickr account.
 I'm honestly torn on my favorites, between the lovely pierce work small sample shoes from the 1610's and the lovely embroidered shoes from the 1720's. They actually had several (6) shoes from the 17th century as part of the exhibit that just made you want to drool. The detail, the seemingly senseless decorations, the odd slap sole shoes that were essentially wedges, the lovely stacked leather soles and the lovely silk ribbons, what can I say, I was smitten. And even Tammy and Catherine seemed interested even though they confessed to not being shoe junkies. (Surely a genetic defect, being female and not being into shoes...) I was very restrained in only packing three pairs of shoes for the 5 day trip up north.

Okay, I want to go home? Mother, may I?



Plimoth Plantation pictoral project progress, part 2

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Progress is very evident, but also shows how much this project is like the tortoise instead of the hare. They still have 4.5 motifs to map out, much less embroider, as well as the bugs and birds. And then there will be the gold vine, calyxes on some flowers, and the spangle attachments. There is still time to be a part of the project, in case you were wondering, although the further along they get, the more select they will be on who does what task.

I'll do a more detailed write up of the embroidery session soon, but the brain is still whirling with little details of the MFA visit. 

more snow

0107snow 009 

I prefer to think of her as our guard snow-alien. I also got best-wife-evar points for shoveling the driveway, sidewalk, and walkway while my Alan was stuck in the E-ville DC traffic on his way home. After all my shoveling work I decided to make a snow-being with some of that removed snow, as well as making a snow-angel. Hadn't done either of those activities in years, but since I was already adjusted to the cold and wet, and the sleet had ruined the snow for snow cream, it seemed the next logical step.