January 18th, 2008

crazy, upside down, feet

More? You want some more?

Yesterday I was Posty McPostalot and yet I neglected to issue online Happy Birthday salutations to the blondemuseon her 34th. Luckily I had sent her flowers, so she called me to thank me, and tell me about the wonderful snow on her birthday and getting to play in the snow with the nieces, so I got to issue congrats over the phone.

Saturday is Yule with the Trayned Bandes up in Abingdon. Since I haven't made anything new to wear, I guess I'll have the old green kirtle with red wool petticoat and gray wool doublet on. I've also got to make a run to the grocery store to pick up goods to make a couple of cheese tarts and some split pea soup to take along as our contributions. It will be fun to see folks, and I might take my laptop with pictures on it from our MFA visit to share with folks before the period evening kicks in.

It is also supposed to snow again tomorrow. And while I love the snow, I'm tired of it coming on the weekends. I mean it is supposed to snow during the week so we get snow days off of work. That's one of the great perks of working for a Uni, snow days. Yeah, the 1.5 hours off early yesterday does not count in my book. I want snow on a Thursday night with enough to cancel work the next day so I can sleep late and stay snuggled in bed.

Okay, whining off and stats on, thus proving I'm my own biggest fan...

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