January 23rd, 2008


Yule weekend

 The weekend was fun, but I've got a terrible cough now and have for the past two days. Took a sick day today, napped for 3 hours, will likely head to bed early-ish tonight.

Friday night we took Mike and Kirsten out to Mannequin Pis for tasty Belgian food and a fun relaxing dinner out for a change. Yummy escargot, pleasantly strong gamey flavored wild boar sausage, and the yummy pot of chocolate, with the black currant lambic to drink. Little slice of heaven.

Saturday was Yule, so we had to make some dishes to take. After a breakfast of waffles, Kirsten helped me start a crockpot of split pea soup with parsnips and a hambone, and we put together two cheese tarts. Since we had dough left over, and some ribe pears, Kirsten put together a few ginger and pear mini-tarts. But then I had over ripe bananas, so we put Corby to work on some banana-nut muffins. Only the soup and cheese tarts went to Yule, but the pear tarts and muffins were quite tasty for snacks and breakfast the next day.

We headed up to Yule a little later that afternoon to allow others sufficient naptime, and made it in time to chat a bit before the evening got started. The murder mystery was well planned out and rumors of rotten Spaniards and the impending Armada attack abounded. The food was fabulous, especially the beet tart and the spinach tart. There was a well timed culmination of all the clues and the final dramatic blow up to coincide with the end of the meal and transition into gaming and gossiping for the evening. Everyone looked fabulous and did an excellent job of staying in person, even discussion of Marvin's small Eastern bowles coach, the wii one.

I can't recall what we did on Sunday. It must have been fun and/or relaxing. There was a snuggly fire in the fireplace, some delivery pizza and I think a viewing of Shrek 3. Monday was a blissful day off, so I took Mike and Kirsten shopping at Costco for stuff, especially since we needed more tissue boxes in the house. They seemed to have a good time and stocked up on more than a few basics. Corby got on the road home to the pups, and Kirsten and I decided to brave the Container Store in search of boxes to use as drawers for storing our DVDs down in the basement. Sadly our search of the entire Container Store and IKEA online turned up no boxes measuring 16w x 15d x 9h. Alas I think they will have to be custom made.

Squire Philip came up to attend the Monday night fighter practice, and help Kirsten with some projects around our house, before attending the Tuesday night practice as well. I woke up feeling like crud yesterday, but got up and went to work since I knew I was sleeping in the way of progress. While the attic stairs installation will take a bit more than originally estimated (since a ceiling joist runs directly perpendicular to the door in the green room) so a box will have to built and that project will take longer than time allowed. Luckily they did fix the crack in our bedroom ceiling, and with Kirsten's masterful drywall skillz, it looks fabulous, and just requires a coat of paint. Scott even fixed our bedroom door and the hall bathroom door so they actually latch, since he wasn't busy installing the attic stairs. I admired the work of others and crashed in the basement for a nap under our snuggly Kirsten-quilt.

And I think that gets us caught up. hooray, new episode of Project Runway is on.