January 24th, 2008


Sunday foggy Sunday

 Now I remember what I did on Sunday. 

I spent most of the day de-decking the halls. I wonder, am I the last to take the decorations down this season? Even Corby once walked over to see the living room fish tank and was surprised that the tree was still there. Normally I try to take the decorations down shortly after the 6th, but this year was spent up at Plymouth the weekend after the 6th, and the weekend after New Years was spent in some organization haze, buying tubs and a Container Store visit or something. Since I had obtained new plastic tubs for storing the Christmas stuff in, I got to spend time putting stuff into new arrangements, downsizing three cardboard boxes to two tubs. Of course all the stuff is still in my sewing room since we had pinned great hopes on the new attic stairs. Perhaps in a couple of weeks. 

With apologies to Dot Warner,
I'm sick, yes it's true
I really can't help it, but what can I do
When you're sick, it just shows
With these two itchy eyes and this sniffely nose
and a fluffy pink robe...

It seems destined that when my doctor goes on vacation, I get sick. And his back-up? Not in the office today. sigh. so I have an appointment tomorrow with the back-up. Hopefully it won't take too long and he can give me something for this funk. I'm rather tired of this chest rattling cough and frankly being tired all the time. 

This weekend Alan and I are off for Wadesboro NC for Grandma Flake's memorial service. Dad called today to see if I wanted to say a few words, and he understood when I decided to bow out due to not having much of a voice to speak of. It will be nice to see the folks and sisters again, if for a brief bit of time. We plan to leave on Friday night after rush hour and drive til we are tired, grab a hotel room and get up the next morning to complete the trek southward. The service is at 2pm, visiting with the family an hour beforehand. We have a room booked at this cute Bed and Breakfast in Wadesboro for Saturday night, and a lovely family breakfast before getting on the road back home on Sunday. I hope I start feeling better tomorrow, since I can't cancel the weekend.