February 1st, 2008

Angry Bubbles


 Okay, THIS act just pisses me the hell off! 

If YOU want to die for your cause and take others with you, sometimes there just isn't anything we can do about that kind of crazy. But to use the mentally disabled for your plan, someone who apparently can't make the choice on their own, and to use remote detonation is beyond despicable. 

I can understand wanting to die for a cause you are passionate about.
I can even somewhat understand the need to make a statement, and take out the enemy.
I have a hard time trying to understand hurting innocents of your own people to make the statement.
But to prey upon those who can't comprehend for themselves, those who are left in our charge to take care of, and strap them with a bomb to hurt other innocents. That would have been impossible for me to conceive, until today.

I'm practically incoherent with anger and sadness at this particular action. This is no way to win hearts and minds to your side.