February 5th, 2008


stuff to do

Stage Four of the guest room closet redo is complete. We installed the Elfa system last night and put everything back away in the closet. Except, somehow, regardless that we have a better system, I now have stuff that won't fit back. Hmm... bad space-time warp I guess. Must try it again. Of course when we get our attic stairs in, we can put some lesser used things, like my ginormous suitcase, in storage up there. The good angel on my shoulder reminds me patience in a virtue.

Need to run by the glass place in Jessup to pick back up our broken dining room lamp tonight before 6pm. It was very nice of them to give me a price estimate for the repairs, but it just seems more costly than I'm willing to pay. Must think more on options, for either purchasing a new pendant or alternate repair options. isenglass, I may call on you after all. Feel free to refuse.

My brain is relative mush. I can't wait to see Beth Patterson at Baldwin Station on Thursday night, even though it means packing the truck for Ymir on Wednesday night. Wednesday night we should also have the new tank and stand here, but won't have time to work on installing it until next week. That's what I forgot to do, start clearing out the items in storage under the 45 gal take to prep for the swap out. Maybe later tonight after practice, or I could skip practice...

eh. My apologies to my readership for this terrible post. Oh, and happy Fat Tuesday!