February 12th, 2008


voting and going greener

The one good thing about the icky weather this afternoon/evening is that there was no horde waiting outside the polling place to accost you to vote for their guy. I even bought a magazine at CVS this morning (when getting another antibiotic Rx filled) to have reading material for the wait. I didn't even get the chance to crack it open as I had no wait, and walked right in and voted in less than ten minutes.

BTW, the local politicians are pissing me off. For the MD 4th congressional district, I have received so much junk mail from the two (assumed) leading democratic candidates full of negative (and some positive) BS that it makes my hippie heart want to scream for the trees. I literally got 5 in the mail from the two candidates today only. Seriously, five huge multiple page pamphlets, 3 from one and 2 from another. I actually got so pissed off, I sent a note to Donna Edwards' campaign site contact regarding the shame that someone who calls herself an environmentally friendly candidate should feel at the pile of junk mail I have to recycle in her name. And Albert Wynn? Oy vey. 

So I did my research on the democratic candidates, visiting each of their websites and reading up on their stance on the issues, etc. On the whole Jason Jennings really spoke to me, so he got my vote. I was glad that Edwards and Wynn didn't appeal to me on the issue level since they appall me on an advertising level. Sadly, JJ probably won't get the nomination since he didn't advertise and, let's be real, not everyone takes the time to look up everything themselves.


Speaking of being green, I've taken some small steps towards being more environmentally friendly myself where I can. Yes, I still love and drive my SUV. But we have not been heating the house as toasty to save a bit on the energy usage and bills. I've also taken to buying more organic in products, except when the packaging is so outrageous to make it not worth it. (Quaker Oatmeal, what is with you packing the simple harvest stuff in plastic instead of the nice waxed paper packages of your regular oatmeal? Ditto with you free-range egg folks putting eggs in plastic containers vs. the recyclable cardboard ones?) But my biggest step has been to take and use reusable bags to the grocery store and other shopping outages. I've been doing this for months now, and it warms my heart, and I can carry more in each bag. It really costs me so little, just keep the canvas bags in the truck and take them in shopping when I do. I've done this at Giant, CVS, Trader Joe's, Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, and even DSW. The noticeably thinner pile of plastic bags that need recycling is what makes me really happy.

So Green is the new Pink, and has been for a little while. Wish more folks would make the small changes.