February 15th, 2008



 Our Valentine's evening was nice and very low key. Since I'm still sick, I actually stayed home yesterday, but did manage a grocery run after a nap and some online work since the cupboards were bare. I had joked earlier in the week that grilled cheese, tomato soup and a movie in the basement would be an okay way to spend the evening, and as the week progressed it turned out to be just perfect for us. I fixed up our simple fare for dinner and we retreated to the basement to watch a favorite movie, What Women Want. I got Alan some chocolate chip cookies at the store and he brought home pink roses and lilies for me.

I figure since he got me the best piece of jewelry ever several Valentine's Days ago (engagement ring), he is set for quite some time.

I have canceled my Jamestown Training attendance plans for this weekend and plan to relax and recoup. And despite a nice long nap, I'm thinking bedtime is quickly approaching.

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