February 18th, 2008


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Dresser has been allocated to a new home. hooray.

I'm still fighting this funk. Must be viral at this point since a week on antibiotics has only made a dent. I pretty much only accomplished rest, lots of naps, and relaxation this weekend, and I still has teh bleck. And last night I was so irritable that every snore, flop, movement or sound from Alan's side of the bed grated on my nerves. So I went down to the den couch to sleep for a couple of hours in relative peace. Must buy more BreatheRight strips to at least hope to control one of those factors.

Alan has completed the tank overhauls.
So now the living room tank looks like this:
0208newfish 009

and the den tank looks like this:
0208newfish 004 
I have spent lots of time watching the fish wiggle.