February 20th, 2008


Take the Stairs!

We haz teh awesomist friendz evar!

Yesterday Kirsten and Scott installed stairs to our attic so we have easy access to additional storage instead of the dinky little hole the builder put in the ceiling that is barely wide enough for Alan's shoulders. Hooray! They are so pretty and functional and completely non-scary. I do need to put a longer string on the attic light so we can reach it from the new stairs now. The opening is all framed out and pretty and painted with one coat (could use a second). Kirsten, I assume, even painted over the patch in our bedroom ceiling that she and Scott patched up last time they visited. Some guests have a permanent welcome carpet rolled out. SRSLY

(For the record, it's not that we couldn't have done these projects ourselves, but we had extremely talented volunteers, and my momma taught me not to look gift horses in the mouth. Especially when they come willing and able and with their own tools. And Alan and I probably wouldn't get to those projects for another year or so.)

I think I'm finally starting to get the upper-hand on this bug of mine, but man...

Tonight we have a play to attend. It is called Argonautika and will be at the more comfortable theater at the least. Alas the Morgensterns are sick and moved their tickets, so we will not have their fun, if plague-ridden, company tonight.

I guess I should come up with a handout for the Fingerloop braiding class I'm teaching tomorrow night to the Blackspear folks. Handouts are good.