February 22nd, 2008


a good 28 hours...


Okay, so the past 28 hours has been awesome.

First, last night we went to see Argonautika at the Lansburg Theater downtown, and it was amazing. Truly, truly! If you can swing it to get tickets, I highly recommend seeing this show. Alan and I went in thinking, yay, more greek tragedy. But my constant comment was Best Greek Tragedy Evar! The writing was brilliant, the costumes were fitting, and the puppetry was fabulous. Yes, puppetry. Trust me, best use of puppets since Punch and Judy, or the Lonely Goatherd from the Sound of Music. It was hilarious, stirring, entertaining and poignant at the same time. How could you not love a play with a sparkly Naiad and Juno's amazing mood wings? Two thumbs up from me. 

Last night after the play, we made it home fairly quickly, and then I got 8 hours of full sleep and even got to sleep in a bit since I had a follow-up appointment with my doctor. (Doing better but not well yet..) Seriously, sleep, and lots of it. awesome.

Then I made it into work for a bit and out to lunch with two of my fabulous faculty members for great Indian food at the Bombay Indian Restaurant in White Oak for their lunch buffet. It was fun to have a relaxing lunch and get to know them better in the process. Oh, and eat lots of bits of really yummy food. MmmmMmm.

And then tonight I prepped and headed over to Bess and Shecky's for their Blackspear night to teach fingerloop braiding. I was happy that first of all I was able to teach myself the method that most directions and recipes are written for, and then I was able to pass the learning on to Bess, Tara, Maggie and Zig. Always nice to have successful students, and I left my pink on pink trial piece for the wall of accomplishment in the basement. What a really fun evening with wonderful folks. 

And now it is snowing. yay. With any luck I'll either get to take a snow day tomorrow, or at least sleep in a bit more.