February 25th, 2008


Peerage Plans Theories

I don't think it would be a huge breach of protocol to say that we've been discussing vigil notification and the execution of adding new members to the Atlantian Order of the Pelican. This is largely in theory and a bit of reminiscing on many folks parts, but also an exploration of the methods in use and if there is a superiority. Is the "new" method of writs the best? Most period? But what about Atlantian "tradition" of having the peerage sprung on you as a surprise?

Personally, I was surprised at Crusades 2002, and am very glad that it was done so, and most honored by the friends who gave of themselves for me that day. In retrospect, I think I would have freaked out staying up all night to finish an outfit and such if I had been given advanced notice. While some may reel from the shock of the surprise, I was glad I got a full night of sleep to be able to process and appreciate the visits and advice I received that day. While many who have been given writs of late have used them to their advantage, I am most glad that I had the surprise and the long walk up the hill with the King and the Queen to help steady me and give me their perspectives before I was asked to listen to others. Those slightly frightened tearful shocked minutes up the hill, in seeming private, as everyone followed were worth more to me than weeks of private contemplation would have been. If you want to read the full story and account the day after, it's all on my old blog here.

So, without making any promises to pass on this knowledge, and without making any presumption of where one is on their path, what do you think? If the day should come, what would you prefer as the method of entering any SCA order of peerage? Would you like to be surprised? Would you like a writ and a month to prepare? Would you like something completely different? If you already are a Peer, what was your experience, and what would you have changed, if anything?