March 3rd, 2008


brunch-tastic weekend

Had a wonderful weekend. We started off with a lazy Friday night of delivery pizza (bad, I know, but so tasty) and a viewing of Live Free or Die Hard in the Space-bar.

Saturday morning we got up, got showered, got dressed and got on the road to alisandramel's wedding to her Dr. Steve. We managed to be early, not a normal feature for me, which was great for chatting with friends. The ceremony was brief but lovely, with a beautiful bride radiant in red, and teary-eyed/sniffle inducing vows. It was wonderful to witness. Then we were shunted off to the reception site as the main party members stayed behind for photos. We departed to brunch at Maggiano's in Tyson's Galleria for a really fun party with tasty food, entertaining music and the best of company. The best man had a touching toast for the happy couple, the first dance was smooth, and the cake (made by the bride and groom themselves) was truly yummy. We hung out for hours visiting with friends, meeting family, and in general having a excellent time. Of course, I forgot my camera, so I have no photos to share of the happy occasion. We departed late and got home to nap, snack and watch Die Hard 2: Die Harder in the basement before crashing.

Sunday we had brunch with Matt, Susan and the boys at Ram's Head in Savage Mill, which was fun and the boys were pretty well-behaved. Speedwagon has celebrated his first birthday, and big brother is a big 4 years old. We enjoyed our Harbor Brunches of crab cakes and eggs, while Matt dove into some Eggs Bennie.The food, as always, was yummy, and we had a lovely time just hanging out and chatting, about sailing in Florida among other topics. We've got our flights booked, Camp Grandma arranged for their boys, and a day-sail planned with my folks and Captain Walter aboard his sailboat for the first weekend in April. It is a trip we are very much looking forward to, and a sailing excursion is well overdue.
We finished off the day with a little antiques window shopping and a showing of Bull Durham in the basement.

It was an excellent, if not productive, weekend.