March 5th, 2008

chi chi chi

tech and chic

Got to sit in on a cool work presentation on using Web 2.0 technologies for distance education. Most of the stuff I was familiar with, but not the application to formal education, since we just do this social networking thing on tha El-jay and Flicka. I think it is about time I checked out or or something for my bookmarks since I access from work and home. Also, as annoying as wikipedia can be, (but useful if you are Nia and looking up info on scorpions or something), I wonder if a SCA-LJ-wiki would be of any use or not? I was also reminded that I need to go back and add tags to older entries here before I started really using them. I've also been meaning to cross-post my memorable DLand entries here, since I do use my back entries as reminders of what has come and when what happened.

So, tonight is the finale of the season of Project Runway. I agree with Belphoebe that Sweet P was a diamond in the rough and I am sad she didn't make it to the finals. I also wish I could have seen the rest of Chris March's crazy human hair trimmed line. Of the final three, I liked Jillian's knitwear, but hated her crazy hats and found them distracting. I loved Rami's line, especially his gown of vintage lace and the brown silk basket-weave bodice ball gown. Christian was crazy and over the top, and I loved his hats, but found the black on black on black to be too much of a light-sink. The textures showed better on the runway and under the big lights than they do in photographs online, but I can't help but wonder how those jackets would pop over another neutral or non-saturated colors. The Fug Girls made a cool post on the finale and odds with links to the collections if you care. And the winner is: crazy Christian and his ruffles and fierce looks.

Hmm... need to get back in the sewing room and being creative and productive...