March 10th, 2008


death and taxes

The two things that are certain.

Luckily, and sadly, the death was small. We lost another of the new tiny rainbow fishes in the den tank. This batch doesn't seem to be as hardy. And it seems there is a small bit of ick in the living-room tank, but Alan is working on battling that. At least one of the new small discus seems to have a puckish nature and attacks some of the snails periodically, which makes me giggle.

But our taxes are done. That took a larger portion of Sunday than I had planned, but at least they are done. It would be so much easier if I'd just collect everything needed before even starting, but I thought I had. Our mortgage company has made the required info available online, so they didn't send us a statement, since we could access it ourselves. Good for the environment, bad for the distracted. Alas, despite getting a return, the process still made me cranky, so I needed a nap afterward.

This was a bad weekend for health food, as in there was little. There was pizza delivery on Friday night, Indian carry-out on Saturday, and Alan fetched HardTimes chili on Sunday night. We had eggs with chicken and apple sausages, and then fresh made waffles with maple syrup for breakfasts. All of it very tasty, none of it very good for me. sigh. oh well.

We decided on Friday night, as we were both feeling fairly puny, and lazy enough to order pizza, to cancel our trip to the Caer Mear event on Saturday. It sounds like it was fun, if a bit damp, but home tasks were mounting, and the rain was pouring. Instead we slept in to the sound of raindrops, and worked on installing the new TV stand in the den, cleaning up the wiring, and ended up doing a thorough cleaning of all the side tables, purging of the periodicals, and even vacuuming behind and under the furniture. We'll think of it as prep for the party at the end of the month.

Sorry to miss folks on Saturday, but we were much more productive at home.