March 11th, 2008


what is a kilter anyway?

Warning to the world: Pink is off-kilter today. I couldn't get out of bed, couldn't dress myself today, and could barely drive to work. I was also the sux at the parking, which is honestly kinda rare. I feel like my brain, and coordination, are back at home watching daytime television or something else numbing, because they certainly aren't here. Oh, but a headache is, which is always comforting, or not.

Saturday I had a completely irrational reaction to the stupid cow-horns on "Viking" helmets in a horrible movie on the SciFi channel. Standards are not high for movies on the SciFi channel, but still, it irked me too much.
So, now I'm wondering, what little things set you off from "period-esque" movies? The hats? The armour? The language? What little detail almost or totally ruins a movie for you when it is done wrong? Or are you the rare creature that nothing bothers?