March 12th, 2008

horror, elizabethan


I gave up and left a little early yesterday for home and rest. Since my front left tire was a little low, I stopped at a Shell to add some air back to it. Sadly the air hose wasn't working, or rather wasn't sealing to allow the new air in, and instead ended up draining more air from my tire. grr... So I drove up the road a little further on even less air and finally pulled into the most expensive Exxon ever, which luckily has free air, so all was well.

By the time I got home I realized that I needed to ice the back of my head. It was aching me and likely the source of a lot of discord in my brain, including the headache. So, I iced it and had some warm tea, and I iced it while I had a nap, and then I iced it again before bed. It was much looser this morning, if still tight, thanks to icing and flexeril, so I went into the chiro for a wonderful adjustment before coming into work. I am feeling much better, if not 100%, so I have a massage scheduled with Wendy OTMH tomorrow morning. That should set me a-right.

Looking forward to MTA this weekend at Jamestown, even if the weather does look typically cool and damp. It won't be freezing, but the dampness always makes things a little more misery inducing. At least total deluge is not called for, just thundershowers on Saturday. Sunday looks nice. Of course I haven't done any upgrades to my kit. I need to do a proper pair of bodies, and more than the one doublet, but I haven't. I haven't even finished the simple shift I started last year for May, nor the forehead cloths and extra coif I cut out back in June. I'm such a slacker. Regardless, I think it will be nice to get back into costume. I haven't dressed up since Ymir in my Viking. Very bizarre feeling, it being the middle of March and I've only managed one SCA event so far this year. You'd think I would have at least been productive in all this downtime, but apparently not.