March 20th, 2008


"peace shall not prevail, save with a sword in her hand"

Major Barbara was quite a wonderful production last night. I loved the costuming, even though I'm not well versed in the period, and Shaw put in some great one liners. Very interesting characters, especially Cusins. Even thought provoking in a humorous way. Is it better to do good for the wrong reasons, or to proclaim morality and do nothing. Seems pretty cut and dry, but many fall into the trap. Regardless, the last line about it's not easy to love me (Major Barbara), but it builds character... had me calling theodorad "Major Theo" at the end of the play. rolanddem wisely simply smiled at the jest.

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So the Shakespeare Theatre Company continues to do a superb job with their normal cast and crew, but we prefer the Lansburg Theater to Sydney Harmon Hall. And now I want more clothes from the 1890's-1900's. Brit's green dress was divine, and the neat pleated skirts look like so much fun...