March 21st, 2008


Level Up

Bess and Schecky have this great term: Level Up! It's when you see something done well that is cool that you wish to implement in your own world. It's the idea of never resting on laurels, but always striving to advance and improve.

No one springs forth fully formed. Isobel has her Hall of Shame to show how far she's come. I've seen Thjora's early event picture of floral head wreath and "Irish" dress. I have my own shameful past of poly-cotton poorly made t-tunics, the worst chemise ever, and a day spent at Pennsic in a knee-length tunic stolen from Cuan, stripey socks, construction boots, and pigtails. Everyone starts somewhere.

"Level Up" also acknowledges that the SCA is an entire experience, so while you may do costuming, it just doesn't look right sitting in a Coleman chair; while you may be a cook, you can still sleep in a canvas pavilion; while you may be a fighter, you can still help set-up a nice list field fence instead of orange caution tape.

First thing I want to mention is that some have no desire to improve, and that is their choice. This is not meant to deride those individuals, but to help those who do want to improve and don't know how. (*Please note that I don't want comments whining about why you can't upgrade. I've seen many amazing feats accomplished by folks with bad backs, small cars and little money. Your choices may be more limited, but they are your choices.)
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