April 3rd, 2008

escape, sail


It is cold and raining outside.
In 20 hours we'll be down in sunny Florida.
We could use some sun and relaxation.

Last night we met with a bathroom remodel estimator and signed a contract to have our master bath finally redone. I got to punch a hole in the wall to determine that it was an empty wall built out to fit the shower pan. So, in its place we'll have a nice soaker tub with a removable shower head to a hand-held sprayer. And the tub should be easier to clean than this icky shower pan and the sliding glass doors. So excited and looking forward to having a clean new bathroom with non-broken floor tile, nicer fixtures, easier to clean, etc. Sadly poor Alan was stuck at work a little late, so I got to hang out with the estimator, showing her around, and picking out choices for our redo. Luckily Alan liked all of my choices, so verified that we're still on the same page aesthetically, and then we got to work on a few final details together.

This does mean that house-guests are discouraged during the second half of May as we'll only have the hall bath as our full bath. But we also got a quote for remodeling that, at a later date, which I'm also looking forward to. The one qualification was that I'd remove the special wallpaper myself. Must not start wallpaper removal until after the master bath is done and we have financing in place for more home improvements.