April 10th, 2008



The past two days have been seriously meh inducing. I woke up yesterday with a really sore throat, but assumed it must be due to allergies or something, taking ibuprofen to calm the inflammation. Today, I still had a sore throat, and a flashlight illuminated the white chunky stuff on my tonsils. So I now have antibiotics and Cepacol and will struggle to life tomorrow, especially with NOTT this weekend to be ready for. So far I've spent minimal time on the computer, lots of time napping, some reading and watching tv/movies. Find me (or avoid me) at the MOL table on Saturday.

My shoulders are peeling and making me feel quite snake-like. Soft loose fabrics only may touch. My green cable cotton cardi was too rough today. Fleece is best, but a bit warm given the weather. Moisturizer is my friend, and the sinks are littered with my peeled skin (and coughed up phlegm.) Yeah. gross, sorry. not really.

On the plus side, Alan has done well. His charcoal gray suit was wearing out, but instead of tossing/donating it, he took it into the tailor at Men's Wearhouse (when picking up a new suit) and asked the tailor to refurbish it. She did a stellar job of replacing the lining (including moving the tag over from the old lining to the new), recuffing the pants to take away the worn hem, replacing the bottoms of his worn out pockets, etc. It looks good as new, and gives his favorite suit a longer life. (Yes, he wears a suit most days of the week.) That's a nice little green step, the reuse part of reduce, reuse, and recycle.  I imagine kass_rants would be a little proud.

Time for bed.