April 24th, 2008


Advice to Consorts

My left side is all achy (jaw, wrist, ankle) and I'm feeling a bit grumpy. (I'm sure it has nothing to do with annual work reviews and the 4th version I'm on...)

So, I'm gonna pull another old email out for a post. This one becomes relevant as Crown Tourney approaches.

Here's some advice from someone who's been head retainer a few times, and sometimes a consort, never a queen.  :)
Updated: Comments with other excellent pieces of advice. Keep 'em coming!

1. Dress nicely, but comfortably.  This tourney is not the time to try Elizabethan if you are used to bog dresses.  Any period can be fancy and elegant, so stick to beauty, but comfort and familiarity.

2. Keep at least one good friend around with a sense of humor to keep your priorities straight, but your mood light.

3. When you go to the field to watch your champion fight, smile.  This is the time that folks think is the best time to take pictures of consorts in anticipation.  The problem is that often you want to concentrate on the fight instead of smile.  A concentrated look can often be mistaken for angry.  You don't want to look mean in the pictures, trust me.  :) Smile, always smile, even if benignly.

4. Do make sure you, your champion and the people supporting you have something to eat and drink.  Feel free to delegate (good practice), but a nice set-up and spread shows that you can be a hostess.  Someone who can be a good hostess can be a good Queen. Note, that this does not need to be opulent and enough to feed everyone, just something so you don't all faint from the heat.

5. Do consider that your champion might win.  Think about the what-ifs, but don't drive yourself crazy.  Know that you will have time as Prince and Princess to prepare, so having everything figured out from the final blow isn't necessary nor expected.

6. Always be gracious.  To anyone who offers you assistance, to other consorts, to other fighters, obviously to the Crown, and most especially to your champion.  No matter how they do, Thank them for their confidence in you and for honoring you by fighting in the tourney.

Good luck!