May 20th, 2008


I can haz my own bed now, plz?

Quick update.

As attack_laurel posted, we had an excellent trip, but I am exhausted from the whole experience. The MFA was again, a blast. I will post the notes I took with links to the accession items on the MFA site when I get the chance. Those pink and green garters gave me tremors they were so cool. Definitely sprang as the meeting line is telling, if extremely subtle. The silk used is very fine, and the silver and gold thread was also inspiring. AND they had the coolest tassels on the ends. The knit garters are extremely cool, as were the knit jackets, etc. Drool. I proved that I am a terribly thorough shopper, much to the regret of my credit card and companions. Four days of embroidery. whoosh. I accomplished a rose, a columbine, and a small strawberry flower. I'll have to post pictures later, since they are still sitting on the camera at home.

Speaking of home, our bathroom is mostly done. I met the painter this morning (at 7:45am, ugghhhh) and gave him last minute directions before hopping in the car to be early for work, only to sit in rainy day traffic. sigh. Our bathroom looks awesome so far, and for a change, I am really looking forward to soaking in that tub. Need to find a mirror, robe hook and shower curtain sooner than I thought. Wowzer.

Alan very kindly dropped us off at the airport and picked us up last night, and I was so happy to see him. I had excellent companions for the trip, no one strangled me, our little rental car was a trooper, I ate some tasty seafood while closer to the ocean, I spread the Plimoth embroidery gospel to more of my Mother-in-Law's friends at her retirement village, and got to ooh and ahh over some fabulous show and tell works by amazing ladies. Alas I have seen the wisdom of others and I think I will continue to heed the warning to avoid Logan airport if possible in the future.