May 22nd, 2008


New stuff

Note, I've added some notes and the accession numbers with links to the MFA for the four 17th Century knit jackets we saw on Thursday. You can see that info at the bottom of this entry.

In other news...
We haz a new bathroom!
It is all shiny and new, the fixtures work, the walls are green, and it looks so serene. Hooray soaking tub! Hooray new floor! Hooray.
Now to choose between the two shower curtains I got this evening: a white vertical wavy one or the clear crazy squares one. I even climbed in the tub and pulled each closed from the inside to see the natural light streaming through to make sure they allowed for that.

Alan just called me "a bubble off plumb."

I'll have to try to get a picture when it is truly done, since the light was on backorder and won't be in until the end of next week.
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