May 27th, 2008


Spring Redux

So one of the treats of heading up to Boston and Plymouth over a week ago was that we got another exposure to Spring. This meant that we got to see fresh daffodils and smell apple trees in bloom, and the allergies that come with. It really was nice to see stuff in bloom again, but did really affect the allergies just as bad as when I got them the first time around. Had more than a few headaches and really appreciated having the zyrtec and nasonex on hand. Made concentrating on embroidery tough at times though. Ah, well.

Also, when I left there was a hint that Gyrth's irises might soon bloom. I came home to a wonderful splash of color as Gyrth's irises were displaying a riot of yellow all over the back yard. These are not subtle delicate plants. Heck, last Fall Alan had to hack some out of the bog as it was overflowing and we were lame and left the removed bulbs in a clump on the side of the hill. While not in bloom, that batch of bulbs, though not submerged in water, are sending up green shoots of leaves and continue to survive. So we have one huge batch in the shallow end of the pond, and two huge batches in the deeper end of the pond. One pot has been so overgrown with the irises that it won't stay aloft and keeps capsizing. Of course the frisky fish could have something to do with that. Despite that it is sometimes like trying to sit a sumo wrestler in economy class seats, Gyrth's irises are like a beam of sunshine in our backyard.

We're also close to having water lilies in bloom. I saw a few buds this morning but wasn't sure if there were going to wait another day to bloom or not. We also have one purple pond iris in bloom, which adds variety to the riot of yellow. My chamomile is taking off like crazy too, and our mostly wild roses are in bloom as well. Yay, Spring.


I had a lovely time at Sapphire this weekend too. Might have to save that for another later post. Had a good time at the MOL table with Simona on Saturday and Ceridwen and Deborah on Sunday. Had a lovely time at court and was so glad for the accolades announced and bestowed. Was too lazy too change out of garb for dinner at Mario's, but wasn't the only one, and the food was very tasty. I actually had my leftover ziti (good but nothing compared to laruse's mom's) for dinner again on Sunday night.
(BTW, despite all the freakin' da mundanes talk on the Merry Rose, when the guy who was busing the tables asked why were were dressed the way we were, I simply said "We're with a group that does medieval and renaissance reenactment, and are over at Tom Scott Park this weekend." No need to belittle his knowledge or pretend we were something we weren't.)
I had a great time just hanging out with peoples in general, despite not getting to hang out with everyone. Because, man there were folks I meant to spend more time with, but inertia and my comfy furniture under our tent won out.  bdeb and laruse were gracious and spot on as the new representatives of their group, and the King and Queen continued to be as charming as ever. I did manage to miss all order meetings this weekend, but I was busy working at the MOL table, and really, just fine to get accounts later.