June 2nd, 2008

chi chi chi

learning experiences

Things I learned this weekend:

  • The chipmunks playing in the backyard exhibit extreme levels of cute, especially the babies.
  • During one of the rainstorms we had a guard-chipmunk perched on the azalea by the front door attempting to stay drier, and looking ferocious (ly cute!)
  • Alan doesn't comfortably fit in the passenger seat of a Miata
  • Some car dealerships are more efficient than others. (SRSLY, I should not have to waste 45 minutes only to be told you can't find the keys to the car or the car I want to test-drive. Avoid DARCARS VW in College Park)
  • Finding something to fit both goal #1 (gas efficient) and goal #2 (fun) won't be quick and easy, if keeping to goal #3 (relatively cheap.)
  • Watching The Italian Job in the basement only made me want a MINI.
  • Even used MINIs, though extremely cute, aren't cheap.
  • The comfy brown couch has Ambien like powers
  • Sleeping in past 10:30am and taking a nap may be excessive, but it is luxurious.
  • Consumer Reports auto issue is valuable, and I really need to remember to take it with me next time, and definitely consult before any purchase. :)

Things I accomplished this weekend:

  • sleeping late
  • relaxing and reading by the pond and in the comfy chair
  • watching movies in the basement
  • test drove two cars; meant to try 6 but one was being detailed, one was sold (despite that I asked about it when I called), one couldn't be found and one they couldn't find the keys for.
  • spent lots of time on autotrader.comfueleconomy.gov and kbb.com
  • put laundry away

Things I didn't accomplish this weekend:

  • sewing
  • cleaning
  • tidying
Ah well, can't win them all.
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