June 4th, 2008



alesia027 asks:

1. If you could no longer have anything pink, what would be your next favorite color?

wow, um, red? no green? (In Monty Python, I'd totally be tossed into the canyon.) but I look faboo in blue... and love the shades of gray... Probably gray, as odd as that sounds.

2. What do you find most interesting about being in a marriage with the kind of age difference you and Alan have?

Hmm.. interesting. For me it simply is. I've almost always dated/fancied older men, so it wasn't a stretch to begin with. Besides, with my aches sometimes I feel we feel the same age, especially since he seems younger than he is. I find it fascinating how differently we grew up, but sometimes that seems more of a North/South thing. To me it seems like the age difference is the least of our differences, but hopefully I'll always be young and cute to him. :)

3. If you have to choose another career, what would it be?

Well, considering I feel like I stumbled into my current career instead of chose it, I'm not sure. I think a dream job would be working at like Jamestown or Plimoth or some other living history site and teaching without the burden of SOL's and dealing with the same snot-nosed punks each day. But I think I've glorified it since when I volunteer there I can choose what to do and which breaks to take. That and it wouldn't pay to keep me in the life I've become accustomed.

4. What is your least favorite art that you do?

Diplomacy? I hate confrontation. heh.
Actually, I sew for the end product, not for the joy of it.

5. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

Well, since I already answered Hawaii to laruse, I guess I have to choose a different place.
I'd like to try living in England sometime.

And lisette_1528 wants to know:

1. How long have you been playing in the SCA?

Let's see, I started in the Winter of 1995, so 13 years? 13 wonderful entertaining drama and friend filled years.

2. What position/A&S/job, etc would you like to try in the future that you haven't done so before?

I would like to try and be Queen once. I'd like to think I'd be good at it, I have an inkling of the hard work that comes with it, I know that there is a lot about the job that I don't know, and am willing to learn, but mainly it would be an honor to serve Atlantia in that fashion.

3. What is your favorite A&S activity, either that you do or that you appreciate, but don't do?

I really appreciate glass work; it awes me every time I see Iseulte's new window, or Leofwynne's little Roman vessels and rings, or Elspet's blown glass drinking vessels. I really honestly can't choose between my various fiber arts which one is my favorite.

4. What is your heraldry and why did you choose it?

My first set of arms involved foxes and thistles, and was red, white and green. It was too many lines to draw, and I never used it. My current arms are green and white with fleur de lys and a single red rose in the center. I chose it after working with Jaella on a device for Alan, and I really liked his layout, so decided to usurp it and make it my own. I love red roses, even though I kill flowering plants without Alan's help. I also love irises, and the fleur de lys is such an elegant abstraction of irises. And I love the simplicity and varieties of the design.

5. What is your favorite memory, SCA or otherwise?

Wow, I don't know that I could choose just one. Some of my favorite class of memories is being part of surprising friends for their various peerage vigils/ceremonies. For Bera's laureling, I helped set stuff up but stayed out of her view until she was brought to the vigil site. For Theo's pelican, the fluffy ponytail story is an amazing tale from Atlantia's history. Padraigin's vigil and the underwear shuffle. Alan's and his wubbie banner. Roland's freezing vigils and stealing his sword, shield and helmet for his knighthood writ. Emma's choking on curry and the unlit walk through rough territory to her vigil site. Isobel's and Thjora's pelican ceremonies and how to make them special for a second peerage... So many fun memories in that category.

For a non-SCA memory, I really had so much fun on the driving rain sail with Alan from Baltimore to Kent Island, while other friends stayed below decks fighting seasickness.
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There is a Tornado warning for College Park/Aldephi MD, as well as Severe Thunderstorm Warning. It looks like end of the world out there right now... Warning from the University to take shelter. Wonder if I need to go down to the first floor , opps, they just told us to.

UPDATE: Back at my desk. It was fast moving, and in point of fact by the time all the floors got to the first and started moving towards the basement of the other building, there was an announcement to head back to our offices, but stay away from windows. Lucky me, I have no window. :-/
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Inquisitive P's

duchesspadr asks:

1. If someone gave you a NEW car today, and you didn't have to worry about how much it cost, gas mileage, insurance, etc., what would you want it to be and why?

Immediately my brain went to a new MINI, but I think that is the residual effects of watching the Italian Job wearing off. I'd love a bug, but CR only rates the '02 highly. We've got a truck. I've got a small-ish truck. We've got a comfy passenger car. I currently want something cute and fun. Another option would be a nice refurbished '68 Mustang convertible. drool..  I so want a fleet.

2. Is there any particular character trait of Alan's that you wish were more developed in yourself, and vice versa?

Sometimes I wish I were as smart as he is. His devotion to study and his memory for history is astonishing. He is also pretty good at remembering quotes from history and literature, which he occasionally uses to taunt Theo with, and can use them astonishingly well. He can and does quote Shakespeare to me, I can quote commercials and movies back. It's really kinda humbling to be around so many smart folks, Alan especially.

Sometimes I wish he was more explicit about instructions. I think I tend to give detailed instructions, perhaps to the annoyance of folks. Sometimes he will assume I know to do something, despite that I haven't been told. Perhaps he's so deliberate in his speaking that he's thought it out so well he assumes he said it, I honestly don't know. Luckily we haven't broken anything major so far.

3. What's your favorite vigil, other than your own, to have attended?

Now that's a tough question. So many wonderful vigils, all unique and fun. I think on the whole we did a pretty awesome job on Aldred Blackwood's, but most nighttime Pennsic vigils seem to have a bit more magic, like yours and Theo's.

4. How did you get started working at UM?

First of all, I work for UMUC, which is a part of the University System of Maryland, and borders the UMD campus, but isn't UMd.
Sadly, the short answer is: because of a friend. To protect the somewhat innocent. I was friends with the grumpiest developer on a particular project that needed support personnel. He forwarded me the job description, and they hired me instantly as soon as they knew I could handle him. For a few years when they needed to approach him with a question they'd send me, I'd go and chat with him and then slip in the question, get the answer and return triumphant. I pulled my own weight and learned a lot over the years, but I totally got the start by association. Over five years ago I moved to another department in the school and seem to be able to keep my head above water, but it wasn't initially so much a career choice as something to pay the bills and prove to my folks that moving to DC wasn't a bad idea.

5. If you did not have to worry about allergies, what kind of pet would you most desire?

After seeing Ratatouille, I really want another pet rat. I think I'd like a cat like one of Arielle's (so irresistible!), and think Alan would appreciate one, as he's more cat-like in nature. I'd love to have a dog, not huge like Thor or small like Tinkerbell, but somewhere in between. There are times I wish I could have a goat, perhaps some chickens, and wish I could be a better owner to a pony than I was growing up... But these all require time, care, money, and a lack of allergies. When I was a kid I wanted to be a Vet (because I LOVE children!), but the allergies kinda nixed that goal. Instead I just take what glee I can in the animals that are around us, kissy fishies in the pond, wiggly loaches in the tanks, to the scampering chipmunks in the yard.

And the sunniva_kyrre wonders:

1.When did you start sailing?

Technically, I've been sailing a few times back when my Uncle Pete still had a boat in a New Orleans marina. Once when I went down to Mardi Gras in '95, and a few times before when I was younger. kpyke came up with the idea of taking sailing lessons at a local place in Baltimore, which was when we officially started, in June 2003.  For the record, Alan had been sailing really small craft (sunfish) on Wakeby Pond growing up.

2.How did you get started in the SCA?

I think everyone's is a long story. My mom made me a black velvet cloak for me to wear to the prom. The Christmas after the first semester of my freshman year, I decided to wear it out one night when hanging with old friends. My buddy D (Yusef) asked me if I did D&D or SCA and I had no clue about either, and so he told me about his SCA for the rest of the night. After the break back at Tech, I was too chicken to hunt the SCA down, but when I was sitting next to a cool girl in my BIOL class, we struck up a conversation, and when walking across the blustery Drill Field she mentioned she wish she had her cloak. My response was D&D or SCA? and she took me to my first SCA meeting the next night and my first SCA event that weekend. The rest is history. So my participation is really thanks to Yusef for the idea, Briar for the introduction, and kyneburh for teaching me how to sew and taking me to other events outside of BD.
3.Favorite movie ?

Tough choice. For comedy I love Dogma. For romance, I love Pride and Prejudice, For action, True Lies and the Die Hards are made of awesome.

4.Have you ever thought of taking a protégé?

Working on that. He and I just need to put our heads together on when...

5.Did you always love pink?

Growing up my mom made my sisters and I matching clothes, but would often differentiate them by color. Older sis got blue, I got pink/red, and younger sis got green/yellow. I had a pink room, with pink carpet, and pink stuff, and only later in tomboyish years did I eschew pink for red, but I've found my way back to pink. Pink is really more about a state of mind for me- happy, bubbly, cheery, warm, unexpected.
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