June 5th, 2008


Five from CG

cathgrace  ponders:

1. If you could go back in time and be a fly on the wall at a historical event, what moment and place would you pick to visit?

Wow, that's a tough question. The big ones such as the Gettysburg address, MLK's "I have a dream speech", Elizabeth I's coronation leap to mind, but honestly... I'd like to attend a Viking Thing where a woman divorced her husband, just to see what kind of rights women had, how they were treated, and of course to see the clothes. That would be awesome. Another would be to see Anne Burress after her arrival at Jamestown and Mistress Forrest's passing to see what her life was like as a teen-aged girl in a colony of men.

2. They say everyone has at least one novel in them, what would yours be about?

I've never thought of myself as a writer funnily enough. I think I could write a romance (not smut) if I needed to, or maybe my parents' love story, if I took notes from my Great Uncle Bob on his writing. I think my personal story would be pretty boring, unless I focused on the amazing and fascinating folks in my life.

3. If you could have only one of these super powers, which one would you want and why? Flying, Invisibility, Mind Reading, Perfect hair everyday.

I already have fabulous hair :), can slide into backgrounds relatively unnoticed, and I'd be afraid to know what others are thinking, so I'd definitely take flying. I've always said I'd want wings and a prehensile tail, so flying would be great. Think of the commuting cost savings, and the views.

4. What is your favorite thing about your body? (i.e. the thing that you think makes you cute, sexy, unique, or beautiful.)

Alan compliments me on my eyes the most, and that makes me feel beautiful. I think of them as a gray-blue, and like the medieval accounts of the ideal woman having gray eyes. My hair grows fast and is versatile which is fun, but my hands are nice looking, and useful.

5. Is there any kind of fiber art you can’t do?

As my website says, I feel like a Gen of all trades, Master of none. So there are lots of techniques within the arts I do that I'd like to learn. But I don't crochet, and have only done a very little bit of spinning. I haven't tried tatting, and other attempts at lace (bobbin lace and needlelace) have met with minimal results, ie: about an inch each. I haven't tried bead weaving, or felting except in nalbinding joins (only fulling already created fabrics). I also haven't tried quilting, kumihimo braiding, rug hooking, papermaking, and I'm sure there are others out there.  See, lots of other string related things yet to try!


you gonna ask me a question?
dominyk asks:

1.Where does pink lead?

Usually pink leads to distraction. :D 
But in the case of my name, I am the "Pink" leader of our Vair and Ermine group. theodorad is the "Green" leader, and Thjora is theblueleader  It's a easy way to keep track of us. And folks should Fear Greenleader, Obey Pinkleader, and Crush on Blueleader (or she might crush you with power tools...)

2.What is the best food that does not require heat to prepare?

Since I don't cook much, my lazy food lately has been a bowl of cereal. Chocolate minis from the candy jar require no heat, and neither do raisinets. But Sushi is by far the best food that heat is not required to prepare, unless you count the combustion engine that takes me to sushi, or brings sushi to me.

3.Chinese or Thai food?

I'll take Thai please. Pad Thai, or lychee ice cream, or the crispy sweet Thai rice dish, or green curry, or heck, even the Lean Cuisine Thai Chicken is made of awesome.

4.Do you enjoy being a retainer in the SCA?

I really do. I love helping others, it is a sign of my affection. I'm more than happy to cater to those who contribute more to the current activity by being present. But more than that, I find it is something I'm good at. I try to anticipate others' needs, and slide in that mug of water, plate of fruit, napkin, note, name of person approaching, etc. when needed, but before asked, fairly unobtrusively. Alan calls it the "Queen Show" but essentially it is taking care of the person who is "on", therefore letting them focus on the matter at hand, be it a new person, meeting, etc.

5.Do you put pink stuff on your Christmas tree?

I do not drown the Christmas tree in pink, if that is what you mean. I try to keep the pink to me and my accessories. I don't decorate in pink (which I'm sure Alan is a little grateful for), and I don't try to let the pink swallow the world. Besides, pink stands out better in contrast to other colors. But there might be the occasional pink glass ornament, pink devil ducky, or pink fish ornament on the tree. See for yourself.