June 6th, 2008


The Tide is High...

but I'm holding on.
I'm gonna be your number one.
I'm not the kinda girl, who gives us just like that.
oh no.

Alan and I had a fun time at the Blondie concert last night. We headed up to Baltimore early enough to grab a quiet and lovely dinner at the tasty (and slightly pricey) place called the Blue Sea Grill, with amazing seafood, lovely decor and excellent service. Then we trundled off to the concert around the corner at the Rams Head Live, and caught the second part of Can't Hang's opening performance and scoped out the best place to try and see Debbie Harry and the band. Our placement wasn't ideal, but the music was great, I got to sneak in a peek here and there by dancing on tip toe and looking down between the rail hogging patrons' legs, and from time to time on the many screens. They did their entire first CD, it was the 30th Anniversary Tour, and then lots of excellent favorites as well as a new one. Heart of Glass, Rapture, Sunday Girl, Atomic, Maria, One Way or Another, Call Me, etc. I danced for most of the show, and definitely worked off the dessert I indulged in. I got to snuggle with my Alan, enjoy the music, and we even shared smirks at the sweet young things who provided an additional floor show near us of the girl on girl smooching to arouse the boys, stripper dancing without the pole, and other mostly harmless enthusiastic things that kids do. (God, I sound so old, but I was a good 10 years younger than the average person there.) The concert ended and we got out of there around 11. On the way out I thought of looking for merchandise to get t-shirts for the nieces, but got swept up in the exiting herd. We were home by midnight, and man were we tired, but had an excellent time. I highly recommend seeing them in concert if you like their music, but will have to carefully consider going back to that venue. The dancing area was nice and there was room, but the layout meant that it was tough to see the concert from everywhere. It was nice not to have static seats.

but the questions continue to swirl about my head.
belfebe asks:

1. Men's underwear: Boxers, briefs or thongs?

Boxer-briefs! duh.

2. What is the most decadent thing you have done for yourself?

Hmm.. haven't treated myself to a massage or pedicure recently. Definitely sleeping in last weekend counts as decadent, as will buying a fourth car, if I do.

3. If you were to have tea with three people in history, who would you pick?

A part of me wants to choose Eleanor of Aquitaine, Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria just to be a fly on that wall during the conversation that would commence about the changes over the many years.
But if I could, I'd also like to have my great-grandmother Mathilda, and my two grandfathers for a visit to get more stories out of them, now that I am old enough to listen and appreciate them.

4. What is the ultimate romantic date for you?

I think Alan and I just had a wonderful date with our dinner and a concert. But fancy food and ear-splitting music isn't necessary. Sometimes a movie curled up in the basement is the ultimate. Just so long as I get time near him I'm happy.

5. Have you ever considered a career in piracy?

Oh sure, but the details get sketchy. For example, I'd be the worst pirate ever making sure everyone was okay. And how can you ensure that you are only stealing from the rich? The survival aspect is tricky, and I'd definitely view a boat more as a freedom (like my car) than what the life of a pirate would really be like. I think as a pirate I'd mostly be like Captain Shakespeare from Stardust, fabulous closet included.

But in a gentler vein, lisettelaroux wonders:

1) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Well, I've already answered Hawaii and England, so this time I'll choose a hypothetical fancy new log cabin on enough water to truly play in (sail, swim, kayak, etc.) with an 8 car garage, helicopter, and heli-pad so I could travel more easily and often.

2) If you had unlimited means, what is the one Art you would love to try?

I'd love to try more glass blowing, but it seems to be time, not finances getting in the way of that.

3) What is your next project?

I've got to work on some fighting stuff for Alan for the Pas next(!) weekend!

4) What is the one piece of advice you would give to a retainer that wold be like gold?

I think the key to being a good retainer is anticipating others' needs. Once you are in tune with the needs of others, scheduling, attending, set-up, helping comes much more easily. If you can't anticipate needs, then it will be harder to know how best to attend another, what to have at hand, what needs to be done, what apologies need to be made where, and their priorities for scheduled activities.

5) If you could have any job, what would it be?

Stay at home fish-mom? Except the times I do get to myself I am hideously unproductive around the house.
Maybe personal shopper. Or perhaps a philanthropist.
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