June 9th, 2008


last five?

vom_schwarzwald wonders:

(1) What is the one thing you have NOT done in the SCA that you still want to try?

I haven't done much archery, and wonder if my hands/arms would hold up to achieving much skill at that activity, but I also think it would be rewarding to try the job of Queen or landed Baroness, if a great commitment. Frankly, I'd also really like to achieve some level of mastery at my current activities.

(2) You have a cosmic do over; you can go to any point in your life and choose do one thing differently. What is it and why?

Wow, um honestly nothing big comes to mind. I am what my mistakes, failures, hard work and successes have made me, and on the whole I'm fairly content. I think I might have settled on a different major in college sooner, but I don't know that this would have changed the outcome much. I guess I was better at keeping in touch with friends too, but that is more of a character trait than a single point.

(3) Conan, what is best in life?

I think I'm missing a cultural reference, but company of loved ones seems a requirement and enrichment for life.

(4) You are marooned! What three things are you glad you brought with you on the boat?

My medicines, a multi-tool, and a towel. :)

(5) What is your favorite season?

On the whole, I like Summer for the vacation like feel of the season, and for the lack of allergens, I love to see things sprout new and green in Spring, but overall, the colors of Fall and the crisp air is my favorite.

Did I miss anyone's questions, or anyone who wanted questions asked of them?