June 23rd, 2008


unwanted guests

We haz mice.

We've seen a mouse periodically about the house, mainly running along the edge of the foot of the bar, and also along the ledge in the den. Small, cute, fuzzy and gray with a white belly. Well, this morning at 4am, as I was up nursing some chamomile tea and gatorade to battle a sensitive tummy after evicting dinner that did not agree with me, I finally saw two. They were playing on the brick face of the fireplace up near the ceiling, scampering around a bit. They had also worked down to the floor and scampered around some there. No shame.

Now these little guys are really freaking bold. Last week one of them crawled up on Alan's arm rest on the lazyboys in the basement, as we were watching TV. Today, as I've been taking a day off to nurse said sensitive tummy, at least one of them has been running laps along the ledge in the den. It has even stopped and stared at me while nibbling on something near the cordless phone charging station, and I had a conversation with said mouse about that now is the time for eviction and I went looking for pest control places, mouse traps, and such.

Alan, for what it is worth, simply points them out and reminds me that they are taunting me. I told him that he is supposed to be the protector of the house, and is failing. So he's ordered something called Riddex and we'll see, though many reviews are unfavorable. If it doesn't work, then I might just have to break down and by the electric shock humane mouse trap. As a softie, I'd prefer to repel the mice than kill them, but I'm willing.

sigh. Perhaps I just need the attack_laurel to visit and round them all up and export elsewhere.


Assessment was fun. We daytripped from Corby and Thjora's place, and the trip was a bit long, but not too bad. I attended curia with Kit, set-up a bit at the Artisan's Row, visited Timmoch on his vigil, and taught a few folks about sprang. I had also printed out a few pictures from the Plimoth Embroidery Project as well as some of the extant items we've seen at the MFA, to show to folks. But I had a lovely time spending it chatting with folks, both on and off-site.

And now my protein lacking brain is done with writing, so there you go...