June 24th, 2008


Caught one

of the mice that is.

One of them had the balls to be seen on the kitchen counter near my snack pile. Luckily that meant that a quick clean-up also afforded an easy cornering, and with the help of some upside down tupperware a mouse was caught. I went downstairs to grab a small aquarium, laid some paper towels in the bottom, and scooped the mouse off the counter and into the cage. I then put in a Gatorade cap full of water and some cherrios and a small box for the mouse to hide in and put it on the dining room table, because I was not going to find a safe place to dump the mouse after 11pm. I then tried, with bait, to catch the second mouse so I could evict them together, but that one was smarter/faster, etc. and I went to bed with only one mouse captured. This morning, I made sure that the mouse hadn't died in captivity last night and freshed the water bowl and added a dried cherry for snacks.

So cute! Especially eating a cherrio. Reminds me of Bera feeding Mudslide fruit loops back in our college days. Must find a nice place to evict the mousie too this evening, as the longer she stays, the more I am likely to want to adapt her to domesticity, and she'd no doubt be miserable. But then I think of Fievel and Remy and curse Disney for making me think that it is cruel to separate rodent families and attribute them complex human emotions that they may or may not have. Arrgghhh!  Curse you Disney!

Then again, I guess I could swing by the Home Depot in the chance of finding a humane trap for the second mouse, and trapping it tonight and releasing them together a day later. hmmm...  Except we have a play tomorrow night. Release on Thursday isn't so bad...

Regardless, I need to do some serious cleaning tonight, so no socializing at practice tonight for me. stoopid mice.

and release

I spent two+ hours vacuuming the top and main floor of the house before giving up and having dinner. I also had to change the bag, and unclog the hose only to be unsuccessful with the unclogging and whine at Alan when he got home for him to fix it. (Actually I think I need to go back over the dining room floor as I'm sure it wasn't working properly then, come to think of it...) At least there is massive improvement to the top floor, which we had neglected to vacuum after the bathroom installation. I guess I'll have to clean the mantle and ledge in the den on Thursday night. Alan kindly vacuumed the basement since I was done-done with vacuuming for the night.

We haven't spotted the second mouse since capture of the first, and attempted capture of the second. I did swing by the Home Depot to pick up a live trap, and have it baited with some peanut butter just in case he comes back. I'd like to think that the captured mouse told him to run and make it to safety, and he's gone for good. So I was gonna wait and release our captive after seeing if we could get #2 as well, but she looked so sad and terrified hiding in the box I had given her for shelter. So, I took a break from cleaning and decided to scoop her into a tall tupperware container (snap a few pictures) and take her for a walk to the wild area and set her free there.

We had a nice long talk during the walk, if by talk you accept me talking to the mouse in a cutesy voice and her cleaning her face back at me, about how she needs to take this lesson and not invade the houses of people and stay away, and tell the others to stay away too. Because we don't want to have to trap and scare them, but we simply cannot abide little mousie feet, no matter how cute they are, on our kitchen counters, and little mousie poo in our house.
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Then again, it could be that the mice are doing us a favor, because obviously we can't clean up after ourselves. I had to harass *someone* about his crumbs from making a sandwich, and even clean up some more from where he was eating said sandwich. If only they would make me clothes like in Cinderella, or dinner, like in Ratatoullie, then I'd be much more accepting of their presence. Oh, and they'd need to be potty-trained too. Since all three are highly unlikely, I think I'll stick with eviction, and perhaps chase down some peppermint oil.