June 26th, 2008


Knew you not Pompey?

No further mice related news, other than that the peanut butter used in the live trap attracted ants, so I had to clean that up and will think about reseting the trap with bird seed or something else later.

Have been in training for the past two days, fun and entertaining playing with Wimba, but cutting back on other things I need to accomplish. Also got to work with a lovely guy named Evgeny in Moscow on setting up a video conference for Monday.

Friends, Romans, countrymen, last night, we went with the Morgensterns to go see Julius Ceasar at the dreaded SHH venue. First, we get the understudy for Mark Anthony, which was kinda irritating since Andrew Long is a joy to watch, even if he did a decent job. They did leave us attempted bribes of chocolate kisses taped to the back of our seats, which still isn't going to convince us to sign back up next season. On the whole I enjoyed the production. I had the gooby urge to be in costume myself, but obviously didn't and likely won't for Anthony and Cleopatra next week. The costumes were heavily influence by HBO's ROME, which did at least give a good feel, though the plebes were lacking color. Really I was just there for the blood splatter.

And for some reason I had trouble sleeping last night, up at 4am trying to talk myself to going back to sleep. Hopefully tonight will be better.