June 30th, 2008

plumeria, hawaii

weekend cleaning

Saturday, I was a slug. Slept in embarrassingly late, watched Blue Crush on TV, laid about, and only left the house to collect takeout dinner from the Old Hickory Grille. Alan, meanwhile, mowed the lawn, both front and back, washed the car, cleaned up my mouse storage tank, cleaned up the dishes, and other non-slug-like activities. Sunday was less slothful in that I finished the vacuuming of the den (including the mouse droppings off the mantle and ledge), hallway and laundry area, stairs, and went back over the dining room. I also did the laundry, other cleaning tasks, and did some travel research.

See, I'm back to having longings for Hawaii. I could blame the movie Blue Crush (I have a fondness for surfing movies despite that I have terrible personal balance) and also the news that my little brother-in-law is graduating from college in December. So I've been looking at plane tickets, lodging options (hotel in Waikiki or B&B in Kailua?), and coordinating with my folks on finding rooms in the same facility so we can share a rental car. But looking at the pictures of beaches and ocean views and gardens, and contemplating what to see, only makes the longing stronger. The best part is, of course, that I'm taking my Alan with me, hell or high water.

In other news, the second mouse has been found.
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Now if we could only get the birds nested in the chimney to get their flight feathers and fly away. They are really noisy little bastards. Alan thought of starting a fire to drive them away, which of course might kill any that weren't ready to fly. We'll just need to be vigilant to get the chimney swept and proper cap installed to avoid nesting birds next spring.