July 3rd, 2008


in bloom

Our lotus bloomed this week. I was certain it was going to wait for the weekend when we wouldn't be here to observe and document.


Last year was such a disappointment, that I am glad we got a nice show yesterday morning. Sadly, the first bloom must have been too heavy for its stalk as it bloomed on Tuesday looking at the ground, not the sky. But the second bud was lovely and full in bloom yesterday morning looking skyward. Yesterday it was this pretty pink. Today the bloom was a lovely cream color, if a bit more flattened out. I didn't have the same dramatic lighting as Alan caught for the icon picture two years ago, but soft sun-behind-clouds.

I hope folks have a happy Fourth. We're headed down to Two Dog Hill (theblueleader's) for some camp projects and good hangout/social time, as well as a Gardiner's cook-out on Saturday at the Three Dog Creek. :)