July 10th, 2008



Not sure what parking karma rules Alan broke, but last night he came home with a note on the car and some scratches and holes in the left front bumper. Apparently while he was in visiting the chiropractor some minivan hit Dark Serenity cracking the headlight, adding some serious scratches, a couple of holes in the bumper, and probably doing some damage to the hidden parts of the bumper system. sigh. Luckily a good Samaritan witnessed the "accident" and left Alan a note with the minivan's license plate number and his contact info. So while working from home he's also been getting a rough estimate on the surface damage, contacting the insurance company, filing a police report, etc. joy of all joys.

So related and not, I've tried to cut back on the Zyrtec when the pollen isn't at peak times and for a few weeks have only been using the Nasonex. This is in an effort to cut back on medications that make me really sleepy, cause I love a good nap, but sleeping in until 1pm when able is a bit much. The apparent side effect of only treating the nasal allergies is that I've been itchy lately. Early this morning I had to get up and take an antihistamine to kill the itchy skin and get back to sleep, but of course that means I overslept since one lasts four hours. I'm still a little scratchy and itchy and trying not to succumb, but autonomic response and all that.

scratch scratch

once more with feeling...

On a more positive note, we came home from the weekend away to see a third bud from the lotus making its reach for the sun. I thought it might wait until tomorrow to bloom, but it bloomed this morning bright and pink.

After last year's pitiful display, I threatened to Alan that the lotus better make a better show this year or it was getting evicted from the pond. I think it heard me. Okay, thank you, the eviction notice has been canceled. And it was lovely yet again.

708pondflowers 010

708pondflowers 020

I also snapped a few pictures of the waterlilies in bloom.

708pondflowers 016