July 15th, 2008



Kirsten very kindly helped me lace Alan's banner onto the frame in the garage on Sunday before leaving. So I swung by Theo's place to pick up a few silk painting supplies hoping to get started on the repairs to Alan's banner.

I tested the silk paint up against a resist line in the spare area on the tail. All looked fine. So I refilled in the olive. Didn't flow like I was expecting it (perhaps based on the different texture of the washed silk crepe) and I spooged a bit outside the line for a minor bleed over. Sigh, not great, but no big. I then went and grabbed a damp sponge and worked on the green blocks above and below the motto, which turned out fine, and the falcon's eye and fleur, which was not too bad. So I decided to move onto the bottom front corner. I think I dampened the silk too much, and the resist lines weren't complete as I've now got bleed through to the white border in two areas, and also on the falcon's leg. booh. So I decided to switch to the yellow. Did the coronet, and it initially looked good, so I moved onto the shell. In two places the shell also spooged a bit outside the border, but not as disastrous with the yellow into the green, but the coronet bled a bit leaving the falcon with a slightly patchy yellow neck. Great, ring around the collar.

I knew when I was defeated, so I stopped there.
I also forgot to grab the finer nibs to the resist bottles last night, so will have to call the Roland to run by and grab a couple of those. Then I am resigned to having to reapply all of the resist to the banner before proceeding further.

The trials of going first.