July 18th, 2008


Banner two step

I took a picture of the evil green bleeding that stopped me in my tracks last time. -Step back

Step forward- So I decided to redo the resist last night, only I was having trouble with the resist (I think I needed to clean the nib and bottle top more thoroughly) so only got most of the way done. I got the key elements outlined, so that hopefully the next fill attempts will remain in their fences.
Step back
- Sadly the resist was spooging out of the top, so I had to wrap it in a paper-towel to prevent the spooged resist from falling on the banner (as it did in a few cases before I caught on...)
Step forward
- I did get the worst of the faded gouttes re-outlined, so those are fine, but I'll need a little more resist to finish the rest of the gouttes, if I want to redo them all. Step back.

After a break to scrounge something for dinner and watch the re-play of Wednesday night's Season 5 Project Runway first episode, I knuckled down to painting.

Hooray for new resist, color goes on well but does not bleed past the barrier- step forward.
I managed to re-fill Spike on the fly, and also to fill in the bottom of the border. Yay. Ran out of blue paint so will have to steal more from Theo to finish the border. Step back.
I move onto other colors and decide to re-fill in the yellow elements. Filled in the dolphins, castle, shell, and crown (again, after re-resisting to brighten it up.) Step forward.
Stretch back as I'm working over the 4x12' frame, and the standard poles/masts are stacked up between the sawhorses at the top of the banner so I have to contort a bit to reach the top elements. Step back.
Finally grab up the red to re-do Spike's eye, and those gouttes with a new border and the olive-eye. Step Forward.
Hooray, and pause for the night to go to bed.

Will need to get more blue and possibly more resist tonight or tomorrow from Theo/Roland so I can finally finish and then move onto the ironing for 4 hours, heat setting in the drier, and then the tense rinse and hang to dry. Oh, and then comes the hemming. Wait a minute, whose idea was this?

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I'd much rather be doing this at the moment...